About Sierra Shanelle

Sierra Blair the CEO and Founder of Queen By Sierra Shanelle LLC is a teacher and single mother of one of God’s greatest creations and gifts to her.  She is a Certified Life Coach, Extended Learning Coordinator, Artist, Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer. 

The Brand

In 2018 Sierra launched her brand Queen By Sierra Shanelle LLC. Her collection includes apparel for boys, girls, men and a specific focus for women in regular and plus sizes. In addition to the clothing line she has a line of new products, accessories, stationary and social emotional learning products for kids coming soon. Sierra continues to look for ways to connect with her customers and will be soon using her Life Coaching platform to help build up the self esteem of others. In the meantime she will use her own personal story to empower, inspire and uplift.

In 2016 she connected with the Safe Place in Battle Creek, a non-profit organization to assist survivors of domestic violence. After accepting their help she began her real journey to finding her self worth, rediscovering her purpose in life, facing her fears and past failures. Sierra is now ready to respectfully share her story and is on a mission to help bring awareness to domestic violence issues and consequences. She is now ready to use her voice through fashion with a mission to help others find their worth!

“Your wealth is where your worth is.”